Our HotMelt carbon is among the strongest materials on the planet. After testing the MSSL road bike in the toughest conditions, we took what we learned and applied it to create the ultimate hardtail offroad bike. We are confident that the MSSL trail will hold up on the trail so confident that we offer the same lifetime warrantee on the MSSL Trail that we do on all of our other products. Click on a trim level to find out more about the MSSL Trail and Trail SL.


A common complaint with many lightweight carbon frames is that they are too flexible in the bottom bracket area. This flex robs you of power in the sprints, and makes the bike feel sluggish on flat surfaces. Square chainstays, reinforced bottom bracket area, and a vertical stringer running down the inside of the downtube (our patented DoubleD Tubing) all serve to create a fast bike with incredible power transfer. Read more about our DoubleD Tubing and other innovations in our technology section.



There is a fine line between twitchy steering and a slow steering. There is nothing worse than speeding down a steep incline and feeling a slight wobble in the front end, or having to lean deeply on a tricky corner because the steering won’t respond. The Meta MSSL seeks to find the balance between responsiveness and control, to keep you safe and give you the control you need to put the bike exactly where you want.



Our DoubleD downtube and box chainstays provide more than enough stiffness to ensure efficient power transfer. Using computer-aided modeling and stress testing, we tailored the design of each tube in the rear triangle for the perfect combination of low-frequency compliance and high-frequency damping.



Many riders ask how we are able to produce such a light frame while keeping the bike strong. The secret is in our patented HotMelt process, which along with our high modulus nanotech carbon, allows us to use much less epoxy resin in producing our frames. A higher carbon to epoxy ratio and stronger high modulus carbon fibers allow for a huge reduction in frame material compared to other carbon frames.