Trevor Bodogh, 23

Meta Bikes Factory Team Rider/Manager Trevor Bodogh is an active trials ambassador and a widely recognized rider in Canada. He has been featured on RUSH HD, a new High Definition sports channel, and has also recently filmed a segment on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, to be broadcast in the fall. Trevor is currently touring and producing a DVD that is scheduled for release in early 2010.

When he's not riding, you can find this young athlete and entrepreneur functioning as a key team player at Meta Bikes, developing and testing products, or working with ActiveTVNetworks (ATVN) creating web based BikeTrials projects.

Trevor is working on bringing BikeTrials to the web through his online projects and; sites he developed for the purpose of growing the incredible sport of BikeTrials, promoting good health practices, and helping riders reach new benchmarks.

"Riding is not only a good exercise for the body, but also for the mind, it lets you think out of the ordinary, to find the most efficient way of conquering an obstacle." – Trevor Bodogh

Nickname: Bozilla


James Barton, 19

Meta Bikes Team Rider James Barton is one of the top BMX, Trials, and Stunt Riders in Canada. Besides being the highest UCI-ranked trials rider in Canada, James is also recognized for his advanced “street style” BMX riding, which he performs without any brakes.

James is a fierce competitor with a strong mind, performing under the toughest conditions in competition. He has become widely known throughout the world of cycling after competing in Europe and achieving 2nd place (26” Trial) and 3rd Place (20” Trial) at the UCI World Championship in Val Di Sol, Italy.

Nickname: JamesB


Kevin Cordy, 14

Kevin Cordy is the youngest member of the Meta Bikes Team. He has been riding Trials and BMX since he was 9 years old. Kevin is the current Canadian Junior Trials Champion, a feat he achieved after sweeping every competition in the Junior Class in 2008.

Kevin has recently started to compete in the Expert category and is the youngest rider to do so in Canada. He also performs regularly as part of the Meta Bikes Trials Demonstration Team.

Nickname: Cordyboy